Lopez's Questionround

Questionround 2 with Dnyal Andre

QuestionRound 2 with Dnyal AndreSo Dnyal Andre.. It`s been a while since we heard something from you.. I guess it was the record " Reintroducing Cam as Dnyal Andre "1:Tell us what are you...

Blogdiary Number #3

Had Geir Moe Daasvand on saxophone and Bjrn Tagberg on guitar over for a studio session.Had an unfinished song that had to be fixed and they made it an album song!So check it out!BlessLOPEZ

Questionround Number #1!

QUESTIONROUND NUMBER #1There does not go a day by without people/fans/family/friends asking me bout my music, my life, what`s the plans for the music and when can we expect some kind of release.And...


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